Desktop Smart Phone Stand

  • Description

Product material: ABS + aluminum alloy tube + environmentally friendly silicone + polymer batteries
Product color: quiet night black frost white
Product size: ①folded state 67.2mm*113mm*36mm ②unfolded state 67.2mm*113mm*134.5mm ③stretched lifting state 67.2 mm*163mm*164.5mm
The unit weight of the product is 203.5g (including the data cable and the packing box 260g).
The gift of high-quality Type-c data cable.
Product packaging: single color box packaging (including blister and Type-c data cable)
Color box size 113.4mm*140.5mm*44mm
Packing and quantity: a box of 38pcs,
the total weight of a single box is about 10.1Kg,
the whole box size: 375mm*305mm*310mm