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We are an entrepreneur, focusing on audio and video products, network products, we export Android TV Box, Tablet PC, Smart Watch, Bluetooth Speakers, supplying High quality, user friendly, innovative and stylish products with excellent service is our everlasting pursuit.


New Arrivals

  • AT-02 Android TV Box
    LTE 106 4G LTE Tablet PC
    GT-01 GPS Tracking Watch Phone for Kids
    BW-03 Smart Bluetooth Watch
  • HW-01 Smart Heart Rate Bluetooth Watch
    SB-01 Smart Bracelet
    SB-08 Smart Bracelet
    SB-09 Smart Bracelet
  • SB-11 Smart Bracelet
    S6-01 MFI Battery Case
    IP4-C17 USB Car Charger
    USB-001 USB Flash Drive
  • K20 3G Smart Phone
    GSW-01 GPS Heart Rate Sports Watch
    AM3-M Air Mouse
    MD-02 Miracast Dongle
  • WA-01 WiFi Audio Receiver
    G01 Bluetooth Talking Gloves
    H01 Bluetooth Music Hat
    S98C Bluetooth Headset
  • BS-042 Cycling Bluetooth Speaker
    BS-043 Cycling Bluetooth Speaker
    BS-030 Traveling Bluetooth Speaker
    BT-01 Classic Bluetooth Speaker
  • VS-01 Vibration Speaker
    VS-06 Vibration Speaker
    VS-07 Vibration Speaker
    VS-09 Vibration Speaker
  • L1 Bluetooth Speaker with LED Lamp
    FC90 Qi fast Wireless Charger Pad
    T-310 3-Coils Qi Wireless Charging Stand
    SB-05 Heart Rate Smart Bracelet
  • SB-06 Heart Rate Smart Bracelet
    AN-02 3G Smart Heart Rate Watch
    GT-02 GPS Tracking Watch Phone for Kids
    GT-03 GPS Trcking Watch Phone for Kids
  • GT-06 GPS Tracking Watch Phone for Grown-Ups
    MI741 7" Windows Tablet PC
    MI843 8" Windows Tablet PC
    MI861 8" Windows Tablet PC
  • MI1048 10" Windows Tablet PC
    MI1043 10" Windows Tablet PC
    MI1042 10" Windows Tablet PC
    MI1163 11.6" Windows Tablet PC
  • MI1168R 11.6" Windows Yoga Notebook
    MI1301 13.3" Windows Yoga Notebook
    WI1401 14.1" Windows Notebook
    MI1166R 11.6" Windows Notebook
  • VR-02 3D VR Glasses
    VR-11 3D VR Player
    M707FD 7" 4G Tablet PC
    M86F 8" 4G Tablet PC
  • M106FD 10.1" 4G LTE Tablet PC
    VR-13 3D VR Glasses
    VR-14 3D VR Glasses
    VR-15 3D VR Glasses
  • VR-16 3D VR Glasses
    VR-17 3D VR Glasses
    BT-1060 Bluetooth Headphones
    BT-1050 Bluetooth Headphones
  • BT-222 Bluetooth Headphones
    BT-985 Bluetooth Headphones
    KH-1060 DJ Headphones(Wired)
    KH-682 DJ Headphones(Wired)
  • KH-686 Wired Stereo Headphones
    KH-685 Wired Stereo Headphones
    KH-683 Wired Stereo Headphones
    KH-680B Wired Stereo Headphones
  • KH-597 Wired Stereo Headphones
    KH-596 Wired Stereo Headphones
    KH-1050 DJ Headphones(Wired)
    KH-683 Wired Stereo Headphones
  • KH-260 Wired Stereo Headphones
    KH-222 Wired Stereo Headphones
    KH-102 Wired Stereo Headphones
    KH-103 Wired Stereo Headphoens
  • KEM-612 Wired Stereo Headphones
    HB-904 Bluetooth Headset
    HB-900C Bluetooth Headset
    HBS-902 Bluetooth Headset
  • HB-800S Bluetooth Headset
    R80-2200 3G WiFi Router
    R81W 3G WiFi Router
    R82 4G WiFi Router
  • K01 Portable KTV
    K02 Portable KTV
    P95 Mini Projector
    P96 Mini Projector
  • H150 Mini Projector
    P6 Mini Projector
    P8 Mini Projector
    3031G USB to Ethernet Adapter
  • 326GC USB to Ethernet Adapter
    326G USB to Ethernet Adapter
    K05 Portable KTV
    WS-01 WiFi Speaker

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